Monday, December 5, 2011

Why we didn't have Cirque Class tonight!

Today I was on, I know shocking! Anyways there was a pin about Gingerbread smelling play-doh. I've see several recipes for homemade play-doh and I'm not sure why this one peaked my interest. Ethan has brought home play-doh that he has made at school a couple of times and he has even had a teacher give him some as a last day of school present. All of the homemade play-doh that I have seen was really oily and dried out quickly.  I figured making your own play-doh wasn't really worth the hassle. With my history of not reading or misreading the directions for the pins, I didn't have high hopes for this play-doh but was hopeful.

I think the reason I was willing to try it is because next week we are having our crazy weekend of baking cookies. The boys love to "help" in the kitchen. Last year, I had bought pillsbury sugar, and gingerbread cookie dough. The boys helped cutting out the shapes. After the cookies baked they decorated them with icing. Preston wasn't really interested in the decorating part last year but Ethan made a huge mess. I had found some markers that are editable. I've had the boys test them out when I first got them a couple of months ago and they loved coloring the food it was a lot less messy than the icing. Coloring only last so long. I guess I was looking for more food like activities that could keep them occupied while we were actually baking.

For the blog about how to make the play-doh you can check out The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. I have not read any other post by this person or know anything about whoever writes the blog.

I actually read the directions!  I know shocking, I think this is the first time I've actually tired to do something close to right. I still managed to mess it up a little bit. I had taken it off the heat to early. I just put it back on and continued cooking till was more doughy. I might have needed to cook it a little longer than what I did because it still seemed sticky. What I did was added some flour and worked the flour into the dough. The sticky now seems to be gone. It does smell just like gingerbread. The boys did try to eat it but it is gross. Yes I did a little taste test to make sure what the blog said was accurate. I did let the boys help me mix up the ingredients but made them stop once the heat got turned on. How did I make the transitions with out heads exploding, it was lunch time so I gave them food. I know that is totally cheating but it worked. Then they were over "helping" me when they were done eating and wanted to watch TV. After the boys took their naps the dough had cooled so the boys could play with it. They too had to taste test it and I didn't have to tell them not to eat it. It doesn't seem to have the oil issue that the other doughs have had. I am very pleased with my first attempt at homemade dough.
Note to self: Clean the stove off if you are taking cooking pictures.

Play-doh achieved!

Tonight cirque classes were canceled because the teachers had produced a show and tonight was opening night. Josh and I decided to take the boys to see Kazoo-la-la. The show had another performance on Tuesday Dec 6 at 8:00pm. The show starts right at Preston's bedtime and Preston had fallen asleep on the way to the show. I was nervous that the boys might get fussy or really hyper because that is how they react to being tired. When we arrived we headed to will-call to get our tickets and got handed kazoos instead. Okay that is a little weird but the Ethan was excited. Ethan started playing what he calls the Little Einstein song. It is a classical song that I can never remember the name but he is ALWAYS humming it. When we walked into the theater Josh asked me to take Ethan's kazoo before everyone that was already seated hated us. We found our seats and got settled in. Once the lights dimmed and the curtain opened the boys did great. Preston was afraid during the first act because he didn't want the performer to fall. I had to keep telling him that she wouldn't fall and she didn't. Then at some point Ethan came and sat with me and Preston got handed off to Josh. We all got sucked into the show. There were a couple of times the show moved slowly and Ethan would ask what is going to happen next. At one point one of the characters was sad and Ethan asked why he was upset and Preston fell asleep. Once Ethan found a spot that he could see and was comfortable he was still and quite and enjoyed the show; especially the part where the kids climbed all over grandpa. During intermission the people behind us asked the people next to them how young do they teach the Cirque classes. Ethan piped up and said I take classes. They were shocked to find out that Preston takes classes too. I'm sure he looked very young half asleep, wrapped in a blanket, and being held like a baby. Then Ethan entertained the people behind us during the entire intermission. During the second part after each act Ethan would ask if it was time to talk yet. My favorite Ethan part of the evening was when Dylan walked on stage and Ethan sat back in his chair and sat as straight as possible and said this is going to be good!! According to the program Dylan juggled a cube. I would classify it more as twirled a huge cube. Just because a lot of his hand positions reminded me of how I twirled my flag in color guard back in the day.

Overall the show was good. Basically there were a couple of minor technical issues and the performers were good. This was their first show and I'm sure tomorrow will be even better. I can't wait to see more shows put on by this cirque troupe it has a lot of potential.

On the way home and we were discussing the show and the different things that I can and can not do like the Cirque Fit pose. If you go to the Kazoo-la-la page, the pose in the header of the webpage where there is the person in the silks head back arms up and one foot in the silks and the other foot on the knee of the other leg. I can do that for maybe five seconds and I being very generous to myself. Then I mentioned that now Josh knows why the boys climb on use like they do.

Ethan: Mom I promise I'm not up to anything. Seriously, with a face like this!!!