Another day of big plans that fell flat!

Last night Josh put together a bunch of toy storage. I had big dreams of getting the house cleaned. Getting the toys organized and the bins labeled. However this morning I woke up sore from head to toes. Josh was laughing at me about being an old lady. Ethan just wanted to do his computer games and Preston wanted his puzzles. At one point I did get them to play other educational games. I started with Preston. We have several different type of cards. I pulled out the color and shape cards and laid them out and would call out different items and Preston would bring the card to me. Ethan wanted to get in on the fun. I pulled out number cards that go up to one hundred. Then I pulled out the word cards. After the first couple of cards Ethan realized the picture was on the back of the cards. He started just flipping the cards over instead of reading the card.

After watching him struggle with the words I decided today would be all about reading skills. Ethan kept asking for his number games but I would explain that he knows his number he needs to work on his letters now. He wasn't happy but he went along with the plan.