A boring day that I hope I never forget..

This morning after Josh left I was in the kitchen doing some chores when I noticed the boys got quite. This generally only mean two things they are asleep or something bad is about to happen. I grabbed the phone just in case I needed to call 911. However Preston was sitting in Ethan's lap and they were watching TV.
My heart just melted. All morning Ethan was being so sweet to Preston. Ethan was also very helpful around the house. I was worried that he wasn't feeling well so I took his temperature but it was normal.

A little later Preston tried to sit on Ethan's lap again and Ethan pushed him off. I told Ethan Preston just wanted to sit on your lap. Ethan told Preston that he was sorry and let him sit down.
Just before lunch we went outside for a little while. Preston would bring Ethan different balls to play with. Once Ethan was a little mean to Preston. Which made me realize these are really my kids and I don't need to look for a pod. (I had a brief flash of Invasion of the Body Snatchers)

 After lunch and naps I attempted to take the boys back outside but they were being such buggers that I told them we weren't going. Believe it or not they both had a meltdown. Once they calmed down and started acting like humans again we were able to go back outside and play. 

 It was time to venture back inside to start getting ready for the sci-tech exhibit preview of Team Up! and Amusement Park Science. The boys were so excited to go to the museum. I has been closed all month because of the changing over to the new exhibits. From what I could tell the new exhibits are a big hit with my  boys. Preston spent most of the time playing with the permanent exhibit. Ethan was much more adventurous and wanted to check out all the new stuff.

I know how this works!

So glad to see another favorite

Yummy cake balls!!

How does this one work?

Whee!!! a round and a round I go

It is really hard to walk a balance beam after being spun and you are going to make it thinner on me? this is just cruel.
Overall the boys were really good today so we took them for ice cream after the museum. Well sort of. Preston just wanted the cone and no ice cream.