A Great Start..

Normally on January 1 of whatever year, you can find me helping my parents take down their Christmas decorations. On Thursday night we headed to my parent's and started early Friday and finished Saturday.

We were planning to leave and come home Saturday night and have a quite New Year's Eve at home. We were tired and wanted to watch the Once Upon a Time marathon on ABC that was suppose to start at 2:00 pm central time. Dallas ABC affiliate instead was airing a football game. We had to watch the shows on a computer which my dad has one connected to his projector a seven foot screen vs. a 17 in monitor. It was a very tough decision but we decided to stay another night.

We are mean parents and had the boys go to bed at 8:30. My parents and their friends got back from diner at 9:30. I was a little bummed that we didn't get farther into the marathon. They tried to tell us that we could continue to watching our show, however my parent's friends aren't the quietest and we figured that we wouldn't actually hear the TV and it just seemed rude.

At 12:05 after everyone left, Josh and I were able to continue our marathon. However we only were able to watch one more show before we needed sleep.

My dad rocked this morning because he got up with the boys and kept them quite till about 9:30am.My sister called and told my mom that Dillards was having an extra 50% off all clearance items and Josh reminded me that we had 11:30 lunch plans with his dad in Plano, TX. Well crap on a stick. We kicked it into high gear and somehow got loaded up and on the road an hour later. We even managed to be early to lunch. After lunch we headed home to unload then off to Dillards to meet up with my parents.

It was crazier than the day after Christmas. One person said that she had just witnessed a fight in the shoe department. I didn't see anything that exciting but Josh did point out there was a lady getting escorted out of the store in handcuffs by two police officers. I was a little disappointed in the lack of boys clothing that was clearance. The only exclusion was kid coats. I did find some Peacoats for the boys. We did get more Christmas ornaments and a bunch of other stuff.

Then it was time for dinner. Then back home. The boys were so funny when they came in. Ethan was like this isn't Nana and Papa's home. But all they wanted to do was just watch TV. I had Ethan all cuddled up in my lap and I fell asleep. I didn't realize just how tired I was till I sat down for a minute.

The past few days have been crazy busy but I wouldn't trade a single moment. I'm looking forward to tomorrow where it is suppose to be a quite day with my three most favorite guys.