Monday, January 23, 2012

It was a Hot Wheels sort of a day.

This morning we started off with mommy school. Then I tried to teach the boys how to play Sorry. That was a disaster. Then I pulled out a couple of Christmas gifts for the boys. Today toy was Fisher-Price TRIO Hot Wheels Stunt Ramp Builder. Before Christmas Fisher-Price had $10 off coupons for this toy on its website. I was able to print off two. The day after Thanksgiving Toys R Us had it on sale buy one get one half off. I was basically able to get one for free. Added bonus the boys each have one so there is less fighting. When it was nap time Preston started asking for Hot Wheels Wall Tracks.

While the boys were asleep I put up the complete wall tracks, with one exception, one of the turns didn't fit because of a window sill. Seriously every corner of this house either has a window or a door. While the boys and I were at Cirque Class, Josh figured out how rig it so that the track could be complete.

While I was in class, I sneaked a peek at the boys and they were learning how to walk on a ball. They were so adorable. That explains why they keep trying to stand on our exercise ball. I can't believe all of the crazy stuff they are learning.

When we got home the boys we straight to playing with their hot wheels toys again.

Hard at work

Hard at play

I don't have to share

Darn window

Thank you aunt and uncle monkey!!!

Thank you daddy for making this work.

I love my cars!