Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today we headed to Legoland at Grapevine Mills Mall. We were going to go yesterday but Ethan started one of his tired crying fits. I figured that I would let the boys rest and just spend the day at home and actually have a chance to play with a couple of the toys they got from Christmas.

I was kind of dreading going because the last few times things had been crazy busy. I was hopeful that today would be a lot slower because school was back in session. When we arrived there weren't any school buses and the parking lot was the emptiest that I've ever seen so I took that as a good sign. When we got inside it was just a couple of minutes after ten. When we walked in there might have been ten people in the entire place. Even as the morning wore on the place was mostly empty. We saw one of the movies and Ethan, Preston, and I were the only ones in the theater. Then we went into Miniland and once again we were the only ones the the area. The boys were on their best behavior the entire time so I let them stay longer. Towards the end Preston started getting ornery. I figured it was time for naps so we headed out. Apparently Ethan was ready to go too because as soon as I said it was time he walked out without asking for a few more minutes or anything.

When we got home the boys went straight to bed for naps.

I just realized that I haven't posted any pictures from Christmas. This was the tree just after Santa arrived.

To say the boys got a ton of stuff for Christmas is a HUGE understatement. Then when you add all of the stuff we got on sale the past week. Or according to Korri  "Keepsake week"!

How did we deal with adding all of this new crap into our home. We cheated and just put everything in the garage. I've been working on incorporating things into the house for the last couple of days. What sucks is that the boxes that I need to put our Christmas decorations up is at the bottom of the of the pile in the garage.
This is a two car garage and there is barely a path to walk on the one side.

While the boys were napping, I was working on the pile. When they woke up they loved playing with the new toys that they came across.