Mommy school and a rant!

During mommy school, I pulled out some Kindergarten software. Ethan was excited that he got to use the computer. I was amazed how well Ethan did using the computer. After a couple of minutes I left to his own devices. He just killed the math section of the software until he hit the time and money section, I haven't covered those topics yet. After a while he asked to play some different games. I pulled up some games on Ethan started scaring me how great he has gotten about being able to navigate around on the website.
Hightech mommy school

I'm just like daddy!

Maybe I'll down load another game

Preston just wanted to work puzzles and watch leapfrog videos.
I want to play on the computer

Okay puzzles rock

This one was to easy

Just because it has more pieces doesn't mean it harder!

Preston this is for big boys..

Ethan please let me play

Then it was time for Cirque Fit classes. I don't know what my deal was tonight but my muscles were really fatigued. I couldn't hardly hold any of the poses.

When we came home Josh had put together Preston's new bed. Preston was so excited. Ethan was funny because he was didn't understand why Preston's bed doesn't have stairs like his does. Josh didn't have time to put up the book shelves that we had gotten or the toy storage bins. We still have some work to do before the boys rooms are set up but at least we are going in the right direction.

I've got a real bed!

Look I don't sleep on the floor anymore!

I'm ready for bedtime!!

Random rant

I was trying to clean some stuff our DVR while the boys were napping. I watched Extreme Couponing Black Friday addition. All I can say is that I was disappointed in the people they found for the show. They were complete Black Friday amateurs!!! One person was just getting to their second store at 5:30am because she stopped and took a nap in her car. Seriously???!! We were on our sixth or seventh store at that point!! The percentages were less than 50%. of overall savings. LAME!!!! Maybe I should try to be on the show. I cheat when it comes to saving at the grocery store by just using a website that matches the ads and coupons for me. When it comes to clothing and other stuff couponing that is when I really score!