Monday, January 2, 2012

Movie time!!

I don't know what I was thinking yesterday when I blogged that we were going to have a quite day at home. We have been telling Ethan since Christmas that he was going to get to see the Muppet Movie at the theater. He got the first Muppet movie for Christmas and he got a free ticket for the current Muppet movie.  Uncle Richie was going to take Ethan the day after Christmas while we were shopping but lack of planning left him without a car seat to use. Oops. The we were going to go on Tuesday but I wasn't up to taking both the boys to the movie. Today everything finally fell into place that Ethan could see the movie. We also invited Josh's dad along. Ethan was so excited when we told him that we going to the movie today. I was a little worried about Preston getting bored and not wanting to sit still. We made sure the boys had popcorn and a drink because normally it helps keep the boys still and quite.

I was just hoping that the boys didn't have to use the restroom at the end of the movie like they did the last time I took them. I did finally get to see the last few minutes of Cars 2 the other day since that was another movie the boys got for Christmas.

Apparently I wasn't the only one that was nervous because walking into the theater Josh's dad asked if they would actually get to see the movie. The boys showed us that we didn't have anything to worry about. The last few minutes Preston started to get restless but he just walked between the four adults. Fortunately nobody was in front of us so I don't think any one else in the theater even noticed.

After the movie the boys were HYPER!! Actually hyper is an understatement. We asked Josh's dad and friend to join us at lunch but we needed to let the boys run around a little before we could dream about having them sit still again. We headed to the playground in the mall, however it was the time for the playground to be cleaned. Crap on a Stick!! Then we tried to go to California Pizza Kitchen. After waiting at least five minutes to get our name on the list to be seated I was informed the wait was going to be twenty to twenty five minutes. What??? it was 2:00 in the afternoon! Why the crap is there even a wait? Fine we would try the Cheesecake Factory. Their wait was even longer.. At this point we decided we just needed to leave the mall and cross the parking lot to Buca di Beppo. We got right in. Thank goodness. The boys are way over do for their naps and they are hungry. After Preston get a couple of slices of bread crawled into my lap and fell asleep the entire time we were at the restaurant till it was time for dessert. Ethan had his lunch then sat quietly playing his leapster explorer.

I'm not about to fall asleep.
Okay maybe I will sleep just a little
Bobby this is how this works.

Before we left the mall area I was joking with Josh hey look there is the only Dillards that we haven't be inside since the day after Christmas. He had me run in to see if there were pieces to the nativity set that my sister had gotten on our first Dillards. Unfortunately I didn't find anything for my sister but I did find some Lenox Christmas figurines that I hadn't seen at any of the other stores.
I'm only $7

I'm over 6 inches tall

I was starting to think that maybe Ethan doesn't need naps anymore. Around 6:00 he proved to me that naps are going to be in his future for a little while longer. Josh had pointed out I had a coupon about to expire that was 10% off your entire purchase that included sale items. When we were ready to head out Ethan had a melt down. Once we got to the store Ethan was great. Joann's had their chocolate on sale for half off. Some of the Christmas stuff was on sale for 75% off. SCORE!!! I went a little nuts but next year my garland is going to look amazing.