Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, same goals.

Last year I posted that we wanted to spend more time with extended family. Once again we are going to attempt to get to California, Kansas, and Houston. We might even try to visit Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

This year we are going to "camping" again. I haven't see the camping in the park again so we are going to camp in our backyard. Then we might try to go to a camp ground and stay in a cabin. I was reading the amenities in some of the cabins and Josh was like is that even camping. Huh, no but we are going with two kids under the age of five. Josh camping experience is last year's trip and one other time. My mom's idea of camping was staying in a motel 6. I did go camping when I was in girl scouts but that has been a few years ago. We are defiantly need to ease into doing real camping.

 We are also going to have to find a preschool for Ethan. Today I came across a couple of open houses for different schools. Hopefully, this time he won't try beating up the other kids in his class.