Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No dice.

The boys have been asking to go camping. I'm not quite sure the boy are ready. With the weather being so cold I know that I'm not ready to spend the night outdoors. Today I set up the boys toy tent in the playroom. That wasn't good enough. When they were busy I pulled out our real tent and put it up in its place. I told the boys the tent had grown. Ethan played along and asked how I got the tent to grow. I said I had added water. A little later he asked if we could add more water to the tent to make it even bigger. I told him that we couldn't because then it would fit in the house.

I told the boys if they did well during swimming that we would "camp" tonight. However they acted like crazy boys. They didn't get pizza or to camp tonight.

Tonight was the last class for the session. We have decided not to sign Ethan up for the next session because he just isn't enjoying it. We were going to sign Preston up because he loves being in the pool. The last few class he has started jumping in when it wasn't his turn. I decided that we are going to wait to sign him up too.