The Remodeling Begins.

Our house has a half bath that is between the formal living area and the family room. Needless to say that it is the most used restroom in the house. When we first moved in the bathroom looked like a pair of jeans. Complete with seams in the corners.


Plan A was to pull off the wallpaper then paint and be done before we moved in. However there was a slight delay in closing. We ended up closing a week later than when we thought we were going to. We started pulling the paper off as quickly as possible but after we moved in we haven't done anything more with it.

Lovely isn't it. Around the vanity the builder brought the walls in about four inches to make the vanity a standard counter size. We are going to push the walls out the four inches. Add a built in medicine cabinet. As nice as the vanity is, we are going to get a new one. New lighting. The most exciting part is a NEW TOILET!!! I swear this is the loudest toilet in the world.

I'm very excited after starting this project a year and a half ago we are actually moving forward with it!