Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super hero type of a day

When I finally dragged myself out of bed and into the kitchen looking for a cup of coffee to get my day started, Josh and the boys had been up for over an hour. I've learned not to be surprised about what the boys might be wearing. This morning I was greeted by Green Lantern.
Preston ready to save the day!
Then I showed him that the costume lights up. Then I couldn't hardly get him out of the mirror.
Eat your hear out!

The costumes have been sitting out for a couple of days and the boys hadn't really paid any attention to them until today. All day long Preston kept switching costumes. Most of the costumes they got for Christmas are all different sizes and most of them are a couple of sizes to big for Preston but he didn't seem to care.
Preston as superman. Ethan is Green Lateran 
After Josh came home the boys all started playing some game. I never quite figured out what the game they were playing but involved a lot of falling down, spinning in circles, jumping, and running around.