Friday, February 3, 2012

A busy day at home??

I felt like our front door was a revolving one today. First we had a termite inspector come by. Next Korri came to drop off an item for a silent auction on Tuesday. Then Schwans stopped by. Josh came home from work early. Then again Josh had been at work since midnight. 

Ethan kept cracking me up today. First he found his camera and informed me that he wanted to take pictures of his balls.

In case you didn't read yesterday's blog here is a picture of Josh playing with a ball.

Then I had on the boomerang channel and he wanted me to put on Cartoon network.
Ethan: I want to watch Cartoon Network you know the channel with the CN at the bottom of the screen.
Me: Ethan we are watching Cartoon network.
Ethan: No, mom this channel as a 'B' at the bottom.
Me: Oh I'm sorry that B is for Boomerang.
Ethan: No, it is B for boring.

*sigh* I swear Ethan is a teenager trapped in a four year old's body.
Aren't we just full of energy?

Art project time

I love color wanders!!

My little painter.

Ethan in a deep conversation with Alphie
Then there was dinner with Mark and Jen. Ethan informed Mark that Ethan has enormous balls. Thank goodness I had already warned them about what balls Ethan was actually talking about.

Giddy up

I'm out of here!