Cats vs. Dogs

Tonight while the boys were falling asleep, Josh and I were out in the hall taking. I was working on my scarf and I told Josh that can't wait to know how to know how to makes socks because the yarn I'm using would make really nice comfy socks. Josh said that I shouldn't waste my time making socks for him because he destroys socks. I explained that I wouldn't be upset if the socks got destroyed because of getting used and not torn up by a dog.

Josh: We don't even have a dog.
Me: I know.
Josh: *sigh* You agree that we are going to end up getting a dog.
Me: Yep. but I would prefer a cat because they are easier to take care of.
Josh: Me too but cat are such little turds.
Me: That is why they would fit in with this family.
Josh: I'm going to the other room since you are being mean.
Me: I'm just speaking the truth. (there might have been some mature tongue sticking out)
Josh: At least you are insulting all of us evenly.

For some reason Josh didn't stick around. The boys were asleep and I returned to the living room so Josh and I could clear off some shows from our DVR. The first show that we watched was a Castle. The episode was about a murder at a dog show. Really?? Okay those dogs were really adorable. Ugh. We don't want any pets!!!

I do know that if we do get a family pet it is going to come from an animal shelter.