Sunday, February 19, 2012

Church and cookies

This morning I woke up because Preston was climbing in bed with me. I thought that Josh was laying next to me so I put Preston between us and rolled back over and started to go back to sleep. Preston however realized that Ethan was the one really laying next to me, and decided it was time for Ethan to wake up. It took me a second to remember that Josh really left to meet up with his running group. Well crap on a stick. Thank goodness he told me that he was going to run a short route and would be back in time for us to go to church. When I called Josh to figure out how much longer he was going to be, I was informed that he was actually running ten miles. Which meant that I was on my own with the kids this morning.

I managed to get us all ready and to church only a couple of minutes late. If I wasn't as mature and in a rush I might have stopped to do an I did it dance. Okay, it was more of rushing to get to the sanctuary than being mature.

There was a moment this morning that I really thought about not going to church but the boys love going so much that I just didn't think it would be right.

We had some time between church and heading to my parent's home. Ethan decided that was the perfect time to start beating up Preston.
Momma, Ethan hurt me.
 Okay the picture looks a million times worst than what the injury actually is. I just didn't have any small band-aids. Ethan scratched Preston with a toy next to his nose. At first it looked like Preston's nose was bleeding and I couldn't tell where the blood was coming from. Once the injury got cleaned up the spot that was bleeding is the size of a pin head.

Mrs. Pattie trying to tell the boys bye while they were watching a movie.

Mommy we aren't tired!!!
Ethan is wanting to start playing soccer again.
 My Girl Scout cookies arrived today!!! This year I actually didn't buy as many as I normally do, which gave us the opportunity to donate more to the troops.