Darn you Pinterest!!

I've been driving myself nuts trying to figure out how to do the purling stitch in my knitting. I completely blame pinterest.com. I see all these really cute hats, scarfs, and kid toys that I want to know how to make. A few weeks ago I took a knitting class and I have a second one coming up so I'm trying to perfect the stitches that I was taught the last time so that I'm not fumbling over the old stuff and not able to pick up the new stuff that I'm suppose to learn. After talking to my father in law, youTube, and knitting books I've finally started to get the purl stitch down. I was getting a decent groove going and I had to put down my knitting and head out to a craft night with Josh's running teammates (Chris). The project was making a moss wreath for the front door. to see the directions click here. http://decoratingobsessed.blogspot.com/2011/04/team-moss.html Yes Chris saw the project on pinterest.

I think that I want to figure out how to add things for different holidays and seasons. I think that I might just start off with some red ribbon for Valentines day.

Once I got home I couldn't remember which stitch the row I was working on I was suppose to be doing. Then I ended up doing the wrong stitch. Since I'm not that great yet at knitting I couldn't just fix it so I ended up starting completely over, again. I think I have started this scarf over at least 100 times if not more. Now that I'm getting more comfortable I'm really loving the how this scarf.

I think I might end up staying up all night trying to get this scarf done.