Did you miss me??

Okay I didn't blog yesterday, which was a total shame because I had a lot to blog about. Part of me was to upset, part of me was excited, and another part of me was just to tired. The tired part of me won out. I'm sorry.

Recap: Preston almost made me have a panic attack. I went to check on him before I went to bed and he wasn't anywhere to be found. Tuns out that he had fallen asleep under a chair in his room. Silly me for not looking there first.
The van was still broken and the shop couldn't get the part in till today. Another day stuck at the house, I thought I was about to climb the walls but my friend Jen saved me and took me shopping. Our first stop was at Dillard's where I picked up over $600 worth of clothing for $128. While I was shopping I was trying to carry so much clothing that I kept dropping things. Finally a sales associate came over and took my pile off my hands so I could keep on shopping.
Such a shame that I couldn't find anything during a the sale. Dillards had an additional 40% off any permanently reduced clearance items for cardholders. Some of the clearance items were already marked down 65%. My mom also had a 10% off coupon that was only valid with her card. Thank goodness my mom let me use her card because she also wanted me to pick up a couple of things for her but couldn't get to the store.

After I got home and went to check on the boys this time I almost stepped in Preston because he was laying between the door and the foot of his bed. *sigh* I don't know why the last few days he was been sleeping in weird places again.

Today I was stuck at home again today. Which was very inconvenient because I had a million things I could have been doing for the Wine tasting and silent auction that Josh was hosting tonight. I was at the point where I was going to load up the kids with sugar and walk them over to the shop the car is in. Then let the boys have free range in the lobby. Before I unleashed the terrible tornadoes, I called to see how much longer it was before the vehicle was going to be done. Good thing I called because they were almost done so there wasn't any need to unleash the boys on the shop.

The afternoon was all about getting ready for the auction and wine tasting. My parents were late coming over to watch the kids. Josh was late from picking up the food. I was running late because my printer started messing up. I had all the action sheets done, but I couldn't get the credit card information pages to print. We decided to just take a computer and let people who only had credit cards fill out the form online and not have us actually mess with their credit card information.

The guy that runs the wine tasting was a ton of fun. He had us all cracking up. Jen told me she was afraid that it was going to be a stuffy affair but was glad that the whole wine tasting was so laid back. It had been bugging me that I had heard about this winery before and couldn't remember why then it hit me that it was the winery two of the people from the show Most Eligible Dallas had a date at after winning the date at a charity event.  I'm such a reality TV junkie especially for shows that are around Dallas. Anyways back to the fundraiser Josh raised over $500. He is still a little short of his total fundraising goal you can always check out his fundraising page.

Pictures of the boys causing a ruckus!

The only time the exercise bike get used.

When the boys decide it is a rocket.
Today the weather was beautiful outside. I let the boys run around. Ethan started screaming and I told him to use his inside voice but that was an epic fail. His response was but I'm not inside so I CAN use my outside voice. *sigh* Um can't really argue with that one.

Mommy's happy juice!
The winery guy was totally amused that we took a picture of the label but I didn't want to forget what wine I wanted to buy while we were there. However this was the only wine we didn't buy. See the above picture.