Hopefully the last boring day!

I know that I haven't really been doing a lot over the past few weeks,  I hope today is the last day of the nothingness.

Then again we did go to Cirque class. I told the boys that if they did well that we would go to Legoland tomorrow. However they didn't get all of their stamps so I guess we won't go to Legoland but we are at going to go to the library to pick up some books that I have on hold. If the boys are on their best behavior we will go to the Discovery Center.

In other news, I finished my second scarf. well almost finished I have to cast off then weave the ends in. The actual knitting part is done. I'll share pictures once it is 100% complete. Oh the first scarf I'm going to add flowers to. The scarf is still an ugly color but I think the flowers make it not look as horrible.