I probably shouldn't be blogging.

This morning Josh left like normal to meet up with his running group and the boys invaded my bed. Sometimes the boys will fall back to sleep but not this morning. The boys just wanted to watch Saturday morning cartoons. As soon as we got to the living room and got the boys settled, Josh came home. I was shocked that Josh was home so early. Turns out the trainers were afraid that a bad storm was on its way. Josh wanted to head to Target and I wanted to head to Toys R Us.

Target had storage bins and movies on sale. Toys R Us had nerf, board games, color wonder, and Leap Frog on sale. I had coupons for Nerf guns, board games, and Crayola's color wonder. For President day's if you spend thirty dollars on Crayola then you got an additional ten dollars off. If we hadn't of bought the Leap Frog items we would have killed it at Toys R Us.

I didn't have time to relish in the savings. I had to start getting ready for game night that Josh and I were hosting tonight. We had decided to order food for tonight. I had cleaned earlier this week. Josh and I did some touch up cleaning.

We played several games but the funniest was Pictionary Man.

This is going to be bad, very very bad.

What are were you thinking.

Josh seriously you can't tell what this is??

Josh you  need to learn how to draw man.

Can you tell what this is? A tramp stamp aka tattoo.
Jessica Rabbit