Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm bad luck!

This morning the bug guy was suppose to come by. While I was waiting Korri wanted to know if she could stop by. It was getting to be about 10:30 and I hadn't heard from the bug guy. When Korri showed up she was all upset because someone had just side swiped her. While she was telling me what happened, the phone rang. The bug guy was calling to inform me that he was on his way but decide that he needed to go to the ER instead. Turns out he was having a sharp pain in his side that started to radiate down his side.

I'm glad that nobody else is planning on coming over today. I was actually afraid to go anywhere. Oh when my parents left last night they took our vehicle so a real mechanic could check it out and make sure the tire place actually fixed the steering column. When my mom wanted to us meet her to exchange cars I thought that was a wonderful idea.

Because of today's events I've started to write a short story about it in my head. I think maybe at some point I'll actually write it down. Right now, the story is very flat and has a lot of grammar errors.