Thursday, February 16, 2012

Legoland can kiss off!!

I am so mad! In case you don't know we have annual pass for Legoland in Grapevine, Texas. We have been there several times. I figured this morning should be a slow day for them. Other than the elementary school that was there it was empty. I think there were maybe ten other kids in the entire place. They had the school broken into three different groups and they were cycling through the different attractions. Today the boys decided that they wanted to actually ride one of the rides, it was our first time to actually ride it. The boys had a good time but didn't want to do it again. Then we wandered to the other parts. At the time the school was in Ethan favorite part so I kept them busy in other areas. Finally the school had cycled out of the play structured. Ethan and Preston took off their shoes and headed in. However the person working the gate wouldn't let them in. She informed me that they changed the rules two days ago and they were to little to go in. According to her the bigger kids were hurting the little ones. I have see the play structure packed and I could see that happen. However there was only one child in the entire play structure and she was only 42'' tall. She walked in right before the boys tried to enter and was still standing at the gate because she didn't understand why her brother couldn't join her. The new height requirement is 40'' and Ethan measured in just below the line. The mom of the little girl was shocked that Ethan wasn't going to be allowed in. So I spoke to a manager and he informed me the state of Texas changed the laws and that is why the boys couldn't go in. I've searched federal, State, and city laws and ordinances and I couldn't find any changes to playgrounds laws in the past two days.

The manager was trying to convince me that there are plenty of other things to do. Really, we have already done everything else including using the restrooms. My boys only care about playing in the play structure. I guess this is our last time to Legoland. We were back in the car after only 45 minutes. The boys were so upset. I tried to explain to them that they didn't do anything wrong. But we were leaving to find another play area. I ended up taking them to Mc Donald's. They were happy they finally were able to climb.