Love random federal holidays!

Why do I love random federal holidays because it is a great reason for stores to have sales. Today I headed to Kohl's I bought five items that cost $22.68 and saved  $109.05. I want to kick myself because I was a bad couponer and left my coupon at home otherwise I could have saved anther four dollars. *sigh*
Then it was off to Dillard's and I wasn't really that impressed with their sale. We overheard an unconfirmed rumor that Wednesday is going to be a much better sale.

Then it was off to Carters and OshKosh B'gosh. Carter's had buy one get one free sale and I had a coupon for 20% off your total purchase of $40 or more. I thought I was going to really clean up. Then came the exclusions. The clearance items were excluded from the coupon and the sale. *sigh* but I still picked up four tops and spent $23.77.

At OshKosh B'gosh, they had a good sale too. What caught my eye was there clearance had an extra 20% off. I picked up a pair of overalls, a shirt, and a hat all for $10.47
The boys were great during the shopping trip. They had their leapfrog toys and just chilled.
Then I was taking my mom to her car and hear a popping noise and the car started driving rough. I have no idea what is going on. Josh was going to take it to the shop tonight but it was closed by the time he got home. First thing in the morning Josh is going to drop it off.

I didn't feel comfortable driving to Cirque Fit classes tonight. The boys were sad they didn't get to go but my luck a wheel would have fallen off in the middle of rush hour.
I love my new hat mom!!

My GQ pose

mom try my hat on

I'm off to travel the world!

I've fallen and can't get up!