Thursday, February 2, 2012

My boys have balls!

Yes I am cracking myself up with the title. For Christmas the boys each received a giant inflatable ball that is large enough for them to climb into. Basically they are hamster balls for kids. The balls actually come in three different sized but we figured the smallest would work for our kids for a while. My mom came over and brought her air pump over so we could finally blow the balls up. The boys were really excited when I started blowing up the first ball. It made the task of actually blowing the ball up a challenge. Once it was blown up the boys both crawled in and started rolling around the house.

Tonight I actually attended a regular yoga class. Wow what a difference! I didn't hang upside down once. I didn't realize how much I needed the class till I was there. My muscles were really tightening up from yoga on Monday so it was nice to get them really stretched out again. I think this class is something that I'm going to start adding to my weekly routine.

First project on the couch

This is awesome


Preston helping Josh blow up the second ball

Those are some big balls