Nothing really

Yesterday really did a number on me. I was dragging again today. I really hope that I'm really over whatever has had me dragging. My house is a total disaster area. I think the boys are starting to go stir crazy because we haven't been on any adventures in a while. I've started to get burst of energy and I think I might be over doing things when I'm in a burst.

This morning the boys wanted to try to knit again and Preston ended up breaking one of my needles. Thank goodness they were the free plastic needles that I had gotten in class. I swear some days Preston has super human strength.

Something cool that I found was Hasbro has some high value coupons for their toys. You can click on the annual fun and games click on the mom's side of the page enter your email and you are good to go. Now I'm just trying to find the toys I printed the coupons out for on sale.

Wow I wonder why the bins are stacked like this?

It's a Preston in a box.