Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today we started off going back to the same church we visited last week. We figured that we would see what a normal Sunday morning was like. The kids love the children church. There was something familiar about the service.The entire time during the service I was trying to figure out what the "thing" was that felt so normal. Towards the end of the service it hit me. The pastor reminded me of some of the pastors from church camp. Or a youth pastor who just never grew up. This week was the first sermon of a five week series. Josh and I are definatly going to go to the next four weeks. Next week the church is starting a new session of Financial Peace University. I've been wanting to go to the financial classes for a few years now. I guess for the next few weeks we have found a church home. We are still a long way from actually declaring that we have found a church home but at least this one hasn't turned us off after the first visit.

Then it was off to my parent's home. The boys both fell asleep in the car, and they normally wake up if we try to take them inside and won't go back to sleep. So we had some time before my parents would come home so we just waited till they woke up on their own.

Prince Ethan

Ethan and Papa having a serious conversation

Prince Preston

Crown malfunction
A very resourceful prince

Ready for the movie

Dance party
 On the way back home we ran into snow!!! What?? yep snow! At least we are suppose to stay over the freezing mark.
Another Texas blizzard!!