Super Bowl Sunday!!

This morning started off by trying out a new church. I don't know how Josh and I manage to visit churches whenever they have something special going on. At least this church impressed us enough to want to know what a normal Sunday is like. The boys both loved the classes they were in.

Then it was off to my parent's home. After lunch my dad mentioned to Josh that he had some programming books that he was wanting to get rid of and that we could have them if we wanted them otherwise they were just going to go in the trash. I don't know what made me think of it but I was suggested that my parents should take them to half price books. They aren't going to give you much for the books but at least it is going to be more than what they would get if they just trashed the books. Earlier I had mentioned that I had a 15% off my entire purchase coupon for Kirlands. Then I did a quick scan off the ads in the paper and found a 40% off one item at Micheal's. With coupons in my purse Josh and I headed out in hopes to return before the big game started.

Our first stop was at Half Price Books. We dropped off our books and were immediately handed a coupon for 10% off our entire purchase. Man I didn't know they gave you coupons for selling your books. Sweet even if they decided not to give us anything for our books we were already ahead. Josh and I shouldn't be allowed in bookstore unsupervised. In no time we had to get a cart. Then they called for us to let us know how much they could give us. It was only three dollars but it was more than what we were expecting.

Then it was off to Kirkland's. We only picked up a couple of items I'll try to post pictures when I have them up.

Finally it was Micheal's, I was only going to get a decorator's bag holder. The line was really long so I did a quick scan of the ad and realized that yarn was on sale this week. Then I found some yarn that was on clearance. At that point I realized that I had forgotten my knitting needles. Shame that I wasn't at a store that could help me out. Oh wait they did. I picked up another pair of needles.

When we returned home the boys had just woken from their naps and were having a snack. The game was just about to start. I was so excited that the New England Patriots were playing. They are my favorite football team. I know living near Dallas and saying that another team besides the Cowboys is your favorite team is almost punishable by death. In most cases it is the person you are telling that is going to die generally because of shock. Depending on who I'm talking to it might be a good thing.

I gave the boys new games for their leap pads. That kept the boys busy for the first hour of the game. my mom had gotten a phone call then we paused the game for dinner. After having to rewind the game several times to see commercials that someone missed we ended up two hours behind live TV. By the time we got back to the game the boys were over their leap pads and wanted to play their own football game. We paused again and ran around for a bit.

I'm going for a touch down!

Did I mention it was full tackle game?

Whoo hoo I've got the ball.

We got papa
There is a hand off.

Nana is getting tackled.