Well, aren't I the romantic one?

Yesterday I blogged about all the things I wanted to with the boys today. I had completely forgotten that Valentines day was today. In my defense, Josh and I are actually going to celebrate tomorrow because that was the only day that Josh could get reservations for The French Room.

My parents are going to babysit the boys while we are at dinner. I figured that we could do a quick clean up of the toys then head out and have some fun. That is when I realized that I haven't been feeling well for a couple of weeks and haven't really noticed the couple of hurricanes named Ethan and Preston have hit.
The living room

play room
Just before lunch. I think a little progress was made.
Ethan has started this thing where he will wake up then fall asleep somewhere other than his bed.

The room looking clean during nap time

Yep I'm mother of the year. Teaching the kids early how to hustle at pool.

Actually I can't take credit because Nana bought the table.
Just before Josh got home.
Then Josh came home long enough to change clothes then to meet up with his running group. I'm glad that my lack of romance was matched by Josh. Yep folks that was my super hot V-day.