Zombie and Crochet

The boys found a bag of army men that they got in their stockings at Christmas. Ethan divided the bag by color and gave Preston half. I was in awe how great they were playing together. When I got closer I realized that the boys were referring to the men as zombies. I had to text Josh to let him know what a great job he is doing by teaching the kids the finer creatures of a post-apocalyptic world. Then again we have a friend who would sing the ten little zombies (the PC version of ten little Indians) to their two year old. I guess we are a little behind.

While I was texting I received a text for Korri reminding me about our crochet class tonight.Well crap on a stick because tonight is Cirque Fit classes. Thank goodness Josh had mentioned this morning he wanted try to attend class tonight and my class was actually canceled. I guess everything worked out nicely. That reminds me on Saturday JoAnns is having their open house where you can sign up for most classes half off.

My green little zombie men!!

I'm locked and loaded to take care of my zombies

Look what I did in class. Wow flowers.