Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Monday

This morning Ethan wanted me to connect his leapfrog Explore to my computer so I could download more soap, treats for his pet, and micromods (mini games). He asked me to click on some things that I haven't really paid attention to before and we found Leap World, basically a bunch of computer games for kids. He was sucked in for hours. I was being a bad mom, so that was completely fine with me because I could get some last minute cleaning done for guest that should be arriving any moment.

Josh, his brother, and wife all arrived at the same time, which was the perfect timing for us to leave for Cirque Class.

Last week I told Ethan that if he got all of his stamps then he wouldn't have to do Cirque class this week. He did great and got all of his stamps. This week he had a crowd to watch him so I told him that if he did well that he could miss two weeks. I don't know what happened but Ethan only got one stamp and Preston got kicked out of class. I was up in my class getting a serious workout. I think it was my most intense workout today. When I got home Cheri was laughing at me walking like an old lady. *sigh* Tomorrow I have a feeling I'm going to seriously hurt.