Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coffee pleaseeee?????

I had a rough night last night. About midnight Ethan woke up crying that his tummy hurt. I gave him some Little Tummy medicine. He couldn't get comfortable and was up for an hour. I finally just put some blankets on the ground so I could lay down. Ethan decided that he needed to join me. A couple of hours later he was awake again complaining that his tummy was hurting. I had him try to use the toilet but that was a fail. I got him to go back to sleep and I was still sleeping on the floor. I don't know what time it was but Preston showed up wanting to play with Ethan. I kicked him out of Ethan's room and told him to go back to bed. Some how that translated to go sleep in my bed. At least Ethan didn't wake up. I once again fell asleep on the floor. I woke up again and my body said to get into bed. That is when I realized that Preston had taken over my spot in bed. I moved him over and climbed into bed. When Josh woke up, Ethan had joined us. Apparently I was half way hanging off the bed to accommodate everyone. An hour later I realized that I could move to Josh had been sleeping. That was a mistake because it woke the boys and they were done sleeping.

Now I'm exhausted and sore. Josh was wonderful to make coffee. I didn't have a chance to drink much of it before it was time to head to the doctor's office to figure out what is going on with Ethan. Turns out he is just full of it.

We missed the mommy group today. Thank goodness it is spring break around here and there are activities planned all week. I'm going to try to attend another outing.

The boys didn't want to go to circus class today. I told them that if they got all four stamps then they would get a week off. Ethan did get all of his stamps. Preston did not. Either Josh is going to leave work early next week or Ethan is going to have a baby sitter till Josh gets off work.

When we got home Preston didn't want to get out. Turns out he wanted to run around in the backyard for a little while. Since the sun was still out we thought that was a great idea. When the boys came back in Ethan decided that he was hungry. I was over joyed. He had ate a hamburger and four chicken nuggets for dinner. Then he had some candy (I know just what he needs right before bed), crackers, pretzels, then a Eggo with butter and syrup.

While the boys were taking their baths I finished cleaning out Ethan's closet. I don't have to worry about Preston having enough clothes. I think once I get the laundry completely done that his closet is going to be packed again.

I almost forgot. I showed Josh that he had received a new lego magazine. While he was thumbing through it the boys say it and took it over.

Ethan waiting to see the Dr.

This is the coolest magazine ever!!

OMG!! Ethan did you see that???

Preston check out this page!