Friday, March 2, 2012

Good think I don't ever over do it!

Once again I had grand plans for today. The boys vetoed story time at the library. Off to the mall we went. When I got there I opened the trunk and realized, um, there wasn't a stroller. Well crap on a stick!! I don't know when the strollers were removed but now I had to go back and get one. I tried again to get us to the library but instead the  boys wanted to go to the mall. Okay I might have mentioned they could play in the play area and might have not mentioned the sale I wanted to get to.

Macy's is having a one day sale on Saturday. Today is a "preview" day. So all of the same stuff is going to be on sale tomorrow but if it sold out today you are just out of luck. What caught my eye was they had a lot of kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom things on sale. We are going to have company in a couple of weeks and I figured it would be nice to spruce up the guest bath with some new towels.

I also picked up some blankets for the boys beds and sheets for our bed. After I checked out I headed back to drop off the bags and I saw they had bath sheets for $20.

Of course, Macy's was on the other side of the mall from the play area. *sigh* I thought about driving to the other side of the mall but decided that the exercise would be good for me. I pushed the boys in the double stroller around the mall. They boys were listening so well that we had lunch at the food court. Then I realized that it was almost nap time so we headed home. I told the boys that we would go back because they were so good. They loved the idea of going to see a movie after dad got home from work. Ethan refused to take a nap, I told him that if he didn't stop messing around that we would go to the movie. He never did fall asleep so we didn't go to the movie. After Preston woke up I did tell him that because they were so well behaved this morning that we would still do something fun.

After dinner we headed to Ikea. Ethan loves that he can go and play. We took Preston with us. Preston loved being the center of attention. I think what he loved the most was Preston and I took the stairs and beat Josh at the bottom.

When we got home my body reminded me how out of shape I am, and that I haven't walked that much in on day in a long time. I guess that is something that I'm going to really do something about. I have a feeling that the boys are going to be spending a lot more time at the kids club and the Frisco Athletic Center.