Thursday, March 22, 2012

I don't have a clever title.

This morning Cheri had an appointment at 10:00. Isaac wanted to know if it would be okay to hang out with me and the boys. Sure I figured we could either go to the library or to the discovery Sci-Tech center. The boys said they wanted to go to the museum.

 I had forgotten that Isaac had gotten his undergrad degree in engineering so of course he loved the Sci-Tech center. The story time they had was about a tree growing from a seed. Then the science project was the boys got to plant some flower seeds.

When we got home Cheri had just arrived from her appointment. The boys were super excited to show her the pots. Then they got their art project from yesterday, to show her how the flowers are going to grow.

Then we had to say good -bye to Isaac and Cheri. It was really a lot of fun having them and the we already have missed them.

Side note: I forgot my camera today. sorry!