Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I HATE Eating Crow!

Last month I said that Legoland can kiss off. Isaac and Cheri really wanted to take the boys to Legoland while they were in town. I had to make sure that I didn't throw away our annual passes because I was so upset that crossed my mind. When we walked up there was a pretty decent line. Ironically the line was for the people that bought their tickets online. Once again I'm thankful for my annual pass and we were able to go into the annual pass line for Isaac and Cheri to buy their tickets. I didn't realize that they got discounted  tickets because I'm a pass holder.

The boys were so excited to be back at Legoland. Especially when Ethan got measured for the play area and was two inches taller then the minimum height. I knew that Ethan has been growing like a little weed but I can't believe that he has grown three inches in a little over four weeks. I'm so glad that we switched vitamins for him. Cheri finally understood why I was so upset that Ethan couldn't play in the play structure last time. Once Ethan  entered and we didn't see him for hours until he got hungry. Thank goodness Preston was happy playing in the Duplo area. There were a couple of times that Preston wanted to venture to other areas of Legoland but he kept returning to the Duplo blocks.

Uncle Isaac, we see you playing with the blocks in the background.

Nice Tie fighter
Blocks, momma! Blocks!!

Aunt Cheri and Ethan waiting to ride Merlin's Apprentice.

Ethan flying.
The boys loved Legoland today. Ugh. I was hoping that the trip was going to be miserable. I don't think that we are going to renew our pass for next year.