Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I survived another day!

Yay the boys slept last night. I wasn't nearly as cranky this morning (that came later). The local weather forecast said that there would be rain this afternoon and for the next two days. I figured the boys would like to get out and run around this morning. The boys played tag for over an hour.

Tag you are it.

I think full body tag is better.


Mom is it and can't find us back here.

 After naps the boys wanted to play in their bedrooms instead of the playroom or living room. They also didn't want me in the room while they played. Okay fine I'll work on cleaning my bedroom and bathroom then. Then I noticed they were playing quietly and that is never a good thing. When I checked on them they had decided that they didn't want to draw on the chalkboard but everything else.

toy storage container

the wall. Yes that is Preston's arm showing the art work with pride. *sigh*


Ethan's handy work on the wall
 Thank goodness it was just chalk. I thought I had compensated all of the chalk, but when I checked on them a little later they had more chalk. Seriously boys???!! Now I was cranky. I returned to my cleaning. Ethan comes running in a panic screaming that we have a serious situation. I just about tripped over myself getting to Preston. Turns out that Preston didn't want to climb out of Ethan's bed but wanted me to take him out. *sigh* Then Ethan decided that he didn't want to play with Preston anymore. That lead to tears. Finally the boys started playing together again but this time they wanted to play in my room. Included running and screaming in a circle from my room into the bathroom and back. Some how I managed not to pull out my hair and got the kids to stop running and screaming. Once Josh came home I was done. He gave me a moment to just relax and I feel asleep. Oops.