Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm back!

I can't say thank you enough to Josh for watching the boys, cooking dinner, and taking care of me yesterday. I think I was maybe awake a total of eight hours yesterday. I have no idea what kicked my butt but I do know that I'm not pregnant!! Seriously that was everyone's question from yesterday. I had a fever last time I checked that wasn't a symptom.

This morning I was better (my fever broke).  Josh headed off to work. The boys were pretty quite and were wanting to just sit and play. At one point Ethan climbed into my lap and I realized that he was running a fever. Great now the boys have whatever kicked my butt yesterday. They took long naps today but after naps they were back to their normal.

Including Ethan not wanting to eat. I don't know what his deal has been lately but he doesn't want to eat anymore. I figured that I would make it fun and try to teach the boys how to use chop sticks. Preston had a little trouble at first but figured out how to get the food in his mouth. Ethan actually ate some but still not much.

This is my current project. This picture doesn't really show it's awesomeness. Maybe once it is complete I'll be able to take a better picture.