Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Movie, Knitting, and Exercising

I was trying to figure out what to do with the boys today. Ethan asked to see a movie. Okay, we keep talking about going to see The Lorax. I called Korri to see if she wanted to join us on our adventure. Korri was running early and I was running late.

I was eventually able to get my act together and we headed out. I was a little worried about Preston at the movie because he tends to want to walk. When we got into the theater there was only one adult there with a child. It was nice to be able to sit where every we wanted and not have to worry about disturbing anyone. The boys really enjoyed the movie. Ethan asked a couple of questions and wanted to snuggle. Preston just wanted his teddy grams opened. All in all it was a great movie experience. I think we are going to join the summer movie club this year.

After we got home the boys had a quick lunch then took naps. While the boys were napping Korri showed me what I missed in the knitting class. Sweet I can finally finish my sock.

After naps the boys just wanted to play around the house and watch Bolt. After dinner we decided to take the boys to the park down the street. Josh had the bright idea to walk to the park. The boys wanted to run to the park. Josh ran with Ethan and I ran with Preston. Preston and I kept stopping to look at the flowers, bugs, and whatever caught our eye. Ethan however was just about the running and he is getting really quick.

From the park you can see people running on the trail behind our subdivision. Ethan wanted to go on the trail and run some more. Preston didn't want to leave till Ethan and Josh left. It was so adorable, Preston started running after them saying, "Wait Daddy and  wait Ethan, I want to go."

I love having the trail so close because the boys can run and not worry about cars or anything. I noticed that Preston kept running side to side like a drunken sailor. I told him that he would run faster if he ran in a straight line. Then he started running straight and then he was saying, "I'm running super fast momma".

Ethan and Josh leaving Preston and me in the dust
Look mom I found dirt!


Ethan taking a bow after a great slide.

Bye guys we are going to run!

My first sock! Man my feet are big.