Thursday, March 8, 2012


This morning Preston didn't want to get up. but once he realized it was morning he was up and going ninety nothing. I think the boys being cooped up today was making them a little hyper.

Korri stopped by at lunch time. We compared knitting stories and what projects we are working on and what we are thinking about working on next. We both had checked out knitting books from different libraries. We were checking out each other's books. It was all quite knitty nerdiness going on. I'm so excited about finishing my current project and playing with some of the new patterns that we have been checking out. I thought that my scarf was long enough but I think I'm going to add some more length before I move on.

While the boys were napping, Jen and I were planning our evening activities. Josh's dad is a music teacher at an elementary school. Tonight they were putting on act 1 of In to the Woods.

I have to say the kids did an amazing job. Ethan really enjoyed the show. Towards the end of the play Ethan looked over at me and shh, then said I'm watching the movie.

Preston fell asleep on the way home, when I put him in bed, Preston woke up a little and let me know that he wasn't sleep. Then he rolled over and fell asleep.