Monday, March 26, 2012

A race and a birthday

This morning started off with the world exploding. Apparently Josh was really worried about over sleeping that the had arranged a wake up call, his phone alarm, and my phone alarm all started at the same time. It worked Josh was wide awake. While he was dressing he realized that his shorts didn't have any pockets and that just threw off his pre-race preparation. When he meet up with his group he had forgotten his timing tag. Thank goodness it was just up in the room and he had time to grab it. How bad would that have sucked to run and not have your time count?!

I tried to go back to sleep but between Josh and my mom calling I didn't any more sleep. I know poor poor me. I was going to try to see Josh near the start line but I could tell from the hotel room that area was crazy.
The runners lining up for the start.
I figured maybe closer to mile one would be a better spot for me to see Josh. I headed out fifteen minutes before the start of the race because I walk slow and wasn't really sure how far it was going to have to go. Turns out I got there in plenty of time.
The lead wheelchair racer.

Lead pack of runners
Action shot of Josh and Chris.
After seeing Josh I ran back to the hotel room to grab my car keys so I could become a cheering ninja. (Yes, I did karate chopping arm motions after I typed). When the elevator doors opened two girls stepped out with there bibs on and started towards the start line. I checked my watched and saw that it was 8:30. Seriously?? The race started thirty minutes ago. I guess they don't like the crowd at the start line.

I was going to try to meet Josh at mile 6 but I ran into the half marathon at mile 3 so I jumped out to see if I could see him. Turns out I had just missed him so I cheered for a few Team In Training teammates then headed to mile 6. I was starting to worry that I had missed him again but then I saw Josh and Chris again.

Then it was off to mile 10. At this point I was starting to get comments from the runners about hey didn't I just see you?? Yes, yes you did. Even Chris asked Josh how I was able to keep showing up. That is when Josh revealed that I was part ninja.

Josh and I had decided to meet up at the Team in Training tent. Josh has been running with the team for less than a year. I haven't really been involved but I'm amazed at how many of his teammates that I know. It really does make watching the marathon a lot more fun for me. Then at the end getting to congratulate everyone.

After the run, it was time to go to my parent's home. My mom's birthday was on Friday and we were celebrating today. So crazy person (oh wait that was me) thought it would be a great idea to cook dinner for my mom. We grabbed a quick lunch then it was time to start working on dinner.
What it this miniature person doing on my lap?

The boys hard at work

Happy 29th birthday!

Where is my piece of cake?
After dinner my dad took me out in his car. A little background is my dad has owned this car since he was 19. In 1976 he had restored it but was so afraid that someone would hit him that he parked it. My childhood memories of the car is it just sitting in the garage. When he started restoring it this time all my cousins posted how they loved getting to ride in the car when they were younger. Hey, everyone else has been in his car but me???
That is my dad sitting in a 1960 Corvette topless. He has a hard top for it but it was such a nice day that he couldn't imagine having it on.