Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shopping for Easter Outfits.

This morning started off with the boys wanting to play. Ethan wanted to do a scavenger hunt. I came up with a list of stuff like book, 2 cars, different shapes, basically different toys that the boys could easily identify.

Then my mom came over and we headed to the mall. I had a couple of must buy items. Easter outfits for the boys, sandals, and new tennis shoes for Preston, new dress shoes for the boys if the Easter outfits called for them, and maybe some summer clothes for Ethan.

The most important was to find Easter outfits. I really wasn't expecting it to be a big deal. We started at Macy's then worked our way to the food court. Stopping at tall the kid stores on the way. We were coming up with nothing. After lunch we returned to Macy's and still weren't finding anything. My mom and I ventured all the way to the other end of the mall till we ended up at Dillards and finally found a couple of sweater vest outfits that looked great on the boys. The outfits were $45 each. Ouch, but that was the only thing we could find.

I was relieved that we finally found something but I really didn't like how much it cost. We stopped by Kolh's on the way home and got the boys sandals and Preston tennis shoes. I still wasn't happy with the selection of Easter outfits.

After dinner my mom and I left the boys with Josh and headed to Allen Outlet mall. Once again we were striking out. I was just about to completely give up when my mom insisted that we try Babies R Us. That is when I found the $20 sweater vest outfits. I guess the outfits are going to be returned soon.