Monday, March 26, 2012

*sigh* we are getting old!!

Today was a day of recovery for me. My mom was giving me a hard time saying that I'm that ran the half marathon yesterday. I told her that Josh trained for his run and I didn't train to be a spectator. I didn't wear the right shoes and wasn't prepared for all the walking that I did. I realized just how out of shape I am.

A couple of weeks ago, I told Ethan that if he had gotten all of his stamps that he could have a week off from Cirque fit class. Last week we had family in town and Ethan wanted to show off for them. I was going to let him skip this week. I figured that we would make it as miserable as possible so he would look forward to the class again. I explained that he would have to wait in Josh's office and be very quite till Josh was done working. Then Josh would take him to a very boring HOA meeting. This is the first meeting that one of us has been able to attend. I wanted Josh to go so that we could figure out who we needed to contact to finally get the key for the community pool. Seriously we have lived here for almost two years! I would like to be able to use the pool that we pay dues for. While Josh was at the meeting he was asked to join the board of directors for the HOA. Apparently he already has a vote of confidence and would have been voted in tonight but he felt like he should discuss it with me first.

I'm not old enough to be married to someone that is on the board of directors for anything?? am I? oh crap, I guess I am. *sigh* Seriously most the time I forget that I'm ten years older than what I think I am. Oh wait I'm not in my twenties anymore.