Friday, March 16, 2012

That wasn't bright!

Some crazy person stayed up till 2:30am knitting. Oh wait that crazy person was me. This morning I was dragging. I realized that all the knitting I did last night looked awful and I had to start completely over. *sigh* Thank goodness Ethan wanted to play his games and Preston wanted to play Legos. This morning was very chill and I was very grateful.

I was thinking about taking a nap but the door bell rang. Really?? That killed my nap but thank goodness it didn't bother the boys. I worked on redoing the knitting and it looked better but still doesn't look like the pattern I'm trying to accomplish. I just ripped it out again. *sigh*
This is what I'm trying to make.
If you are interested in the pattern you can get it free here.

After the naps the boys were wired. Thank goodness the boys wanted to play outside. Preston found a butterfly that he was chasing. Then Ethan joined in the attempt to capture the bug. I was surprised how long the butterfly let the boys chase it till it decided to head somewhere else. Then the boys found a lady bug. While they were watching the lady bug. I love how curious they are. Then ran around trying to find other bugs in the yard.