And now there is a bunny.

I've been noticing something has been digging holes in my yard the past few days. Today I noticed one of the holes seemed to have disappear.
I investigated and found that it was a bunny hole.
I think the babies have been born and are a couple of days old at the oldest. I guess I'm going to have to keep the boys away from the hole while they are playing. Today that wasn't hard because Preston wanted to climb the trees on the other side of the yard.
Look mom I'm a tree hugger.

I'm up here, now what do I do?

While I was working on dinner, Preston and Ethan came running into the kitchen saying look what we just found. I was actually relieved to see that it was an plastic Easter egg with some candy in it. With two little boys there is no telling what they are going to be excited about finding. I have no idea where this egg came from because we counted all of the eggs before we hid them and the boys found an extra egg on Easter. Now here is a second egg that wasn't accounted for. I'm just glad that we didn't hid the real eggs and are just now finding it.

Look what I just found.
The boys were excited that it had two Hershey Kisses in it and they both got one.

After dinner, Josh wanted to take a walk but the boys wanted to do the science experiment and be rain clouds again. We changed them into bathing suits and headed back outside. It was actually a little chilly but the boys didn't care. They had a blast throwing the sponges and watering the grass again.

I had to run out front for a minute but when I came back Preston was back in the tree and Ethan was waiting his turn to go.