Good Friday!

Today was all about getting ready for Easter Sunday. I was getting stressed out and ended up with a horrible headache. I kept buzzing around the house and never really accomplishing anything.

When the boys were about to take their naps Ethan put on his Spider-man costume. Then he put on his Wolverine costume over the first one. Then he finished off his outfit by putting a Superman costume. I didn't capture the cuteness on camera. After his nap he wanted all of the costumes off and didn't touch them the rest of the day.

Then my parents called to let me know that they were on the way to help dye Easter eggs. We decided to first take them to take the boys to the Easter Bunny. After waiting for about twenty minutes we decided that the boys needed food. Josh and I headed to the food court while my parents and the boys waited in line. The lady in front of us had her husband and mother take her kids to the food court while she waited. At least Josh and I brought food back to my family and we ate in shifts. Finally an hour and half later we finally got our Easter picture taken.
Clothes protected.

Why are you doing this to us?
 Then we returned to out house to dye eggs. The boys were really excited to finally get do the eggs. I used several ideas that I got off of Pinterest. The first idea was to put rubber bands on the eggs to create stripes. Second idea was to use muffin tins to put the dye in. The third idea was to use Wilton frosting colors for the egg dye.

 I guess the rubber bands I had didn't work every well with the eggs. We cracked the eggs trying to get the bands on or we couldn't get them to stay. We ended up with only getting one to work and I like the way it turned out. Next year I'll try to find some different bands to use.

The muffin tins were perfect for the kids. They were able to put the eggs in and out of the dye themselves. We didn't have to worry about the tins getting accidentally knocked over. The tins are a new tradition that will continue for a very long time.

The Wilton icing color made the brightest eggs that I've ever seen.  For next year I'm going to mix the dye up before hand. According to the directions you use hot water to help dissolve the color. Then the boys had to wait till it cooled before they could use it. The picture of the eggs doesn't show just how rich the colors are.