Happy Earth Day eve.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. For anyone that is visiting Disney World, it is the only day they have Jimmy Cricket visit the park. Wow I am full of useless information.

I'm not the greenest person in the world. Actually, I'm green if it saves me money and or is very convenient. I am making a stockpile of reusable swiffer dust covers. Our recycling bin is always has more in it than the trash bin. I don't normally do anything special for Earth Day. However this year is different, well sort of.

Ethan LOVES going to the movie theater and so does Josh. There hasn't been any kids movies since the Lorax until this weekend! Finally a kids movie that was released because of you guessed it Earth Day. Disney Nature released Chimpanzee. I wasn't really sure if the kids would be interested but I figured it was worth a chance especially since the movie is only an hour and eighteen minutes long.

Preston kept repeating everything the narrator was saying at the beginning of the movie. He hasn't quite figured out the appropriate volume to ask for more popcorn. He also like making chimp noise back to the movie.

Ethan on the other hand was quite and really paid attention to the movie except when he decided that Preston needed to get out of my lap and he needed to get in. There were a couple of scenes where the chimps eating bugs. When we got home Ethan told me that he wanted to know what bugs eat and drink, because he wanted to feed them. During one of our book buying marathons we found a book all about bugs so I pulled it out and let him start looking at it.

We saw the movie in downtown Frisco. Just around the corner at the Discovery Center was Family Fun day. Once again free and convenient wins. I figured we would check it out. Josh took Ethan and I hung out with Preston. Found out some more information Hope Park Frisco. It was getting close to lunch time and Josh and I were getting cranky. The boys weren't ready but it was time to go. 

Preston making a bunny

Preston paying close attention to the science experiment.

Ethan checking out his own experiment.
The rest of the day the boys were pretty wiped. Since we are going to have another busy day tomorrow it was nice to just relax a little.