I am living in an alternate universe.

Two days in a row we have done plan "A". What is really crazy plan "A" was going to the zoo. This is the third attempt in the past week. The kids were starting to doubt if the zoo really existed.

When we arrived the ticket takers warned us that there were several school groups that were going to be at the zoo today. I was glad that we had the heads up because I think there was at least 100 different schools there today. Okay it might not have been a million but it seemed like it.

The first hour we were at the zoo the kids just wanted to be in the children's zoo area. Ethan found a tunnel that he didn't want to leave. Some how I managed to catch him and convince him there is an entire zoo for him to discover.

Ethan's favorite tunnel.

Look mom I'm in a bubble.

Those are the largest fish I've ever seen.

Why is there a bird on my head??

The birds LOVED Korri
Hey mom look comic books. Please read all of them to us now!!!!

I'm super strong.

I don't know why mom my says I'm a teenager trapped in a four-year-old's body. Just wait, mom, just wait.

Is this suppose to be fun? I want to go back to my favorite tunnel.