Thursday, April 19, 2012

I fell asleep while I was righting this.

Yesterday I totally phoned in on the blog. I'm sorry. But the truth is we didn't do anything. Seriously the boys were in pajamas till it was there bath time just before it was time for bed.

Today was a completely opposite day. We hit he ground running today. My mom came over and we had some errands in Downtown McKinney this morning. Then we headed to Stonebriar mall. My mom had found some Capri pants that she loved but the store was sold out in her size. The only store near by that had them was Vista Ridge. After a quick stop to a store on Main street that is closing we headed to the other mall. My mom was excited that she was able to get her bottoms. The boys had been so good about having to be in either in the car seat or the stroller that we let them run around in the play area my mom totally didn't see when we walked past the first time.

Then we headed home. We dropped the boys off so we could head to Michael's. I found a knit pattern on Pinterest to make a washable cover for a swiffer. This week Micheal's has the Sugar 'n Cream yarn on sale for a $1. I'm going to make one for my mom and a couple for myself.