Thursday, April 12, 2012

A lots of nothing but great pictures of the boys.

Korri came over today we were going to go to the Discovery Sci-Tech center but the boys had other plans. Ethan just wanted to play in his room and Preston wants to do whatever Ethan is doing. The boys started bring their pillows, blankets, and toys into my room. I told them to get there stuff out. Then they decided they would move into the bathroom. After a minute I figured I would check on them. I couldn't believe how much stuff they were able to get into the bathroom that fast. Then I had them move back into their bedrooms. Then they tried to move into the hallway. Then Ethan told me later that he was trying to move Preston's bed into his room. I asked the boys why they kept trying to move today and they just wanted to be able to sleep in the same room. We tried that a few weeks ago when we had company and all they did was want to do was play.

After dinner we were going to go for a walk. Then Ethan said that he wanted roller skate. Preston wanted to ride a bike. We didn't get very far before we realized that we weren't going to get far. We decided to take the boys to a parking lot and let them drive around in their motorized vehicles.
I'm serious..

Look mom robots.

look at me go

Watch out world here I come.

Need to check my tires.

Mom I'm getting ready for my go-cart. Only five months till I can start racing!

Preston putting on Ethan's skates

Serious mom I'm ready to race!

I'm ready to roll

These wheels are more my style.

Safety first.

Look at me go.

This needs more speed.
 Then the boys wanted to go a playground. We let them run around for about ten minutes before it was time to head home.