My parents have to much time on their hands.

When we arrived at my parent's home they had some peeps for "the boys". It turns out they have been watching videos on youtube about jousting peeps.

Also at my parent's home, my mom pointed out that I had a rip in my jeans. Great at least it is just my family that is seeing my derriere. We had lunch, then some down time, and dinner. After dinner my mom suggested that we take a walk around the neighborhood. Then it morphed into taking the kids to the park. However a rain storm had came through earlier and we decided the park would be muddy. We then decided to head to McDonald's playground. The kids had a blast running around. Preston wanted to go down the big slide. It takes a couple of times of helping Preston climb to the slide before he will do it himself. Ethan "helped" once. Then Josh helped. Yep, I completely forgotten about my pants and helped Preston up to the slide. When I came back down everyone who had been in the play area had left. I have no idea why the other families had left but I'm super self conscience now.