Monday, April 23, 2012

A new activity for us.

This morning I headed to Pump it Up with the boys. The Frisco location has open preschool bounce time from 10:00am till 11:30am every Monday. I've been thinking about going since I first started staying home but Mondays are normally just a recovery day from the weekend. I was tired but I figured I would put on my big girl panties on and took them. I really thought I was going to pull all of my hair out before we left the boys wouldn't stop fitting each other. I was worried how they would act around other kids. Once we go there they played great with everyone especially with each other.

I'm sorry all the pictures are very blurry because the boys weren't still long enough to take a decent picture.

When we got home the boys were like zombies. They were so quite and calm when I was getting lunch together. The boys actually asked for nap time today. I loved it! I think we will be visiting Pump it up again.

After naps it was time for Cirque Fit classes. I can not explain how much I love my Arial Yoga class. I might complain about my soreness afterwards but I love how much of flexibility I've regained. Now I just need to get my endurance up. I guess tomorrow I'll call and see when I can get the boys into the fun club at the Frisco Athletic Center.