A restful day.

Today the boys and I rested after such a hectic day yesterday. Ethan was wanting to go somewhere, he didn't care where. I told him that we were resting today and we would go somewhere after naps. He was okay with that answer. I didn't mention till after naps that we were going to Cirque Class. I don't know what Ethan's deal has been lately about the class but he hasn't wanted to go. I think I figured out why tonight. Preston is actually able to do some of the things better than Ethan. I have a feeling that this is going to a problem that will keep popping up. With the boys only twenty months apart I don't think this is going to be the last time they are in the same class or sport together. Right now I don't have a clue on how to help Ethan understand that just because Preston is better at something doesn't mean that he isn't great at it too.

I know I haven't been talking about deals I've been getting at grocery stores lately because I haven't been going. Josh has been going to ALDI while I'm in class with the boys. Today when I talked to him on the way home from class he was super giddy. Turns out he was excited because he bought his first bottle of wine on his own. Awe my Josh is all grown up now. I was worried about the wine when he told me about it. First he bought it at ALDI. Second it was only $5. When I got home he had already opened it. I was shocked that the wine had a real cork and the bottle was glass. For a $5 wine it isn't terrible just drier than I prefer my wines.

After Cirque class the boys wanted to build a Lego robot.

The finished robot